About 80 Meals

The idea behind this website was originally conceived in 2010 and this site only went live in 2014.  Not too quick to get started, but we got there eventually.

Around the world in 80 meals - Balmoral Chicken and ClapshotAround the world in 80 meals has nothing to do with the Phileas Fogg trip and a lot to do with a couple stuck at home with no access to a baby sitter and yet with a strong desire to go out to a restaurant for a nice meal together. A romantic meal every now and then after all helps to cement a relationship and apart from that, it’s just good to sit together with some nice food, in nice surroundings with a bottle of wine and just talk and laugh together.  80 Meals has given us the opportunity to do all of this and on a tight budget too!

We’re doing something quite unique in that we’ll be dining at home and experiencing cuisine from all over the world washed down with some typical drinks too. We try as far as possible to make the environment authentic with restaurant style music and end the evening with a movie strongly associated with the country.

Who are we?

We are – Kenny and Jenny, just an ordinary couple living in Warwickshire and we like food (and drink). We’d like to eat out more but can’t and there are a lot of reasons such as the expense, lack of nice restaurants in the area, lack of variety etc. We aren’t kitchen trained in any way shape or form but that said, we do enjoy food and enjoy cooking when when we have the time. So when we started this we could already prepare reasonably good family meals. Chicken nuggets and chips or microwave meals just aren’t our style. That said, there are very rare occasions when such things will do, but even then only when there is no other option!

Where are we going?

We are starting our journey at home in the UK, the obvious choice really since we live here and should be able to knock up a few meals typical of the country we live in. You’d think that would be easy wouldn’t you? Surprisingly though choosing a traditional dish for some of the countries on our little island wasn’t that straight forward as we generally cook what we know and haven’t explored outside our comfort zones before. Welsh cakes and soda bread for example, aren’t exactly cooked on a daily basis in the heart of Warwickshire. So you see, even before we have left our shores we have already discovered a unique variety of food and drink right on our doorstep.

The route of our culinary adventure hasn’t exactly been planned in detail, but we know where we are starting from and we know some of the countries we will visit along the way. For example in the UK we have England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland, we’ll then go to France, Spain, Italy, Germany etc. and of course visit places such as India, China the United States. These are the obvious choices but there will be a few surprises along the way I’m sure. In time we’ll publish a full list as we know more.

How does it work?

It’s very simple really. We take turns to prepare a three course meal typical of the country. The person not cooking will source some music and a movie from that country. Typically the music should be in a style similar to the kind that would be played in a restaurant but there are no hard and fast rules. Also, we have decided to start the meal by playing the national anthem as well. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Some of the problems we have encountered have been in obtaining ingredients for the meal, finding the right music and of course the film. The latter probably being the most challenging!

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