Ireland – traditional Irish food and drink

Ireland FlagNow this is a country I was really looking forward to researching and cooking for especially as half of my family are Irish, although I’ve never met them. As Ireland is well known for it’s potatoes it made sense to start with a potato soup. A typical main course would have been an Irish Stew but I wanted to make something a little different. So I decided to go with a Dublin coddle, which is basically an Irish Hotpot, served with a nice chunk of soda bread. Traditionally the coddle was one of those dishes that you could cook for longer until the man came home from the pub late at night. Pudding was a bit of tough one as most of the recipes I found were cakes and to me a slice of cake should be served with a cup of tea. Anyway I found out that apples are one of the few fruits that grow well in the Irish climate. There are various apple desserts but I really liked the look of the apple amber tart which is very much like a lemon meringue pie but obviously made with apples.

Soda Bread
Starter – Potato Soup
Main – Dublin Coddle
Desert – Amber Apple Tart



Well the obvious drink is Guinness which is the perfect accompaniment to a stew or hotpot. Also another Irish drink, which happens to be one of my favourite tipples, is Baileys. But to cut back on expenses I bought a bottle of Ballycastle which is an imitation Baileys.



  1. Anthem – (Amhran na bhFiann)
  2. Back Home in Derry – Adelante
  3. Linger – Cranberries
  4. Zombie – Cranberries
  5. Book Of Days – Enya
  6. March Of The Celts – Enya
  7. Orinoco Flow – Enya
  8. The Celts – Enya
  9. Drunken Lullabies – Flogging Molly
  10. An Irish Lullaby – Helen O’hara
  11. Only When I Sleep – The Corrs
  12. What Can I Do – The Corrs
  13. Hopelessly Addicted – The Corrs
  14. Donnegal Danny – The Dubliners
  15. Molly Malone – The Dubliners
  16. Song for Ireland – The Dubliners
  17. The Irish rover – The Dubliners
  18. The maid behind the bar – The Dubliners
  19. The wild rover – The Dubliners
  20. Whiskey in the jar – The Dubliners
  21. Angel of Harlem – U2
  22. With Or Without You – U2


Inside I’m dancing
The Boys & Girl from County Clare

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