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Scottish FlagHaving sampled the delights of England (where I currently reside) we have trudged far north to the wet, windy and sometimes frozen lands of Scotland. Actually, the weather’s not all that bad and as I was brought up there I can vouch for the fact that we do actually get our fair share of sunny weather and even the odd scorcher! Anyway, enough about the Scottish climate and on with our 3 course (hopefully traditional) meal.



Traditional Scottish food is something I should know something about as I was born there, sadly though I’m a little ignorant of my roots in that department. Mince and Tatties, Stovies and a few other dishes were about all I could remember and I wasn’t about to serve up Mince and Tatties on our special meal night as I cook that now and again anyway. For a starter I decided on a Scottish Broth and I’ll refrain from calling it Scotch Broth as so many people do! I’m familiar enough making soup. I think it’s in the genes as my dad nearly always had a pot of soup on the go. For the main I went for Balmoral Chicken with a Whiskey Sauce served with Clapshot. I’ve only ever had Balmoral Chicken once before and was very nearly put off it as it was decidedly under cooked and really not that nice. This time round though I rather enjoyed it. Pudding was a good old Clootie Dumpling, which is one of the few things I can remember from my childhood – only very vaguely though, and I don’t actually remember the taste of it so I have no idea if I got it right or not!

Starter – Traditional Scottish Broth
Main – Balmoral Chicken with Clapshot
Desert – CLootie Dumpling



Typical Scottish dribksThere weren’t a huge number of Scottish ales available locally, but luckilly a four pack of McEwan’s Export is well enough known and tastes pretty fine to me. Naturally I had to have some Whiskey, it as after all our biggest export. I’m not really a fan of the stuff myself though, so I went for a fairly cheap blended whiskey made for Tesco. It made a nice sauce and the wee nip with dinner wasn’t too unpleasant either. Maybe I’ll revisit whiskey some time and see if we can’t get reacquainted!



A traditional version of Flower of Scotland, The Proclaimers, Nazzareth, The theme from Restless Natives by Big Country, some other traditional Scottish dance music: Highland Laddie, Earl of Errol.



Restless Natives is an old film (1985) and I’ve seen it quite a few times now. It’s very funny though and set in and around various parts of Scotland, particularly around Edinburgh and Wester Hales which are areas that are familiar to me.

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